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Fit all TP Genius Octagonal2 and TP Genius Round2, Challenger and Genius Round Blue and 6ft Hip Hop Trampolines only. Plastic grenades that secure the metal rod that encircles the top of all these trampolines.
  • Sold individually. 
  • Not compatible with the TP Genius Round and TP Genius Octagonal Trampolines with zipped entry and black, fibre-glass top rods.
  • Screw and spring washer to connect top rods to the grenade included
Compatible with the following top rods:
  • FC2070, FC2071, FC2072, FC2073 for the TP 280/281/282/283 Genius Octagonal 2 Trampolines.
  • FC2080, FC2081, FC2082 for the TP 211/212/213 Genius Round Blue and TP 312/313/314 Genius Round 2 Trampolines.
  • FC2071, FC2072 for the TP 402/403 Genius Octagonal Blue Trampolines.
  • FC8391, FC8392, FC8393, FC8394 for the TP 540/541/542/543 Challenger Trampolines.
  • FC2095 for the TP 469 6ft Hip Hop Trampoline only.