PM9748/9749 Top Cap For TP Surroundsafe Trampolines With Zip Door Entry - Top Cap and insert

Set containing x 1 PM9748 and  x 1 PM9749.  Black plastic Top Cap and insert which fits onto the top of your trampoline uprights, which fixes onto the black, fibre glass top rods. 
  • Fit all TP Surroundsafe trampolines with zip entry door except TP Zoomee Surroundsafe Trampoline.
  • Sold as a set with x 1 PM9748 and X 1 PM9749
  • If you require a complete replacement set please refer to your instructions for the quantity required.
Compatible top rods:
  • PE2097, PE2098, PE2099 and PE5100 for the TP 249/250/251/252 Genius Round 1 Trampoline with zip entry.
  • PE5105, PE5102, PE5103, PE5100 for the TP 226/227/228/229 Genius Octagonal 1 Trampoline with zip entry.
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